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                                     FAQ - Site map guide to the pages.
                                     Forum - Collectors announcements and your questions.
                                     Contact - Addresses of the web site team, for questions and suggestions, answers will be
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                                     Terms - Disclaimers

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                   NOTICE BOARD - The most recent newsletter .
                   DEDICATED to the BEST EXHIBITS - Dedicated to best exhibits awarded.
                   SEMINARS - Details of revenues seminars.
                   QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - The Bureau members or other specialists will answer your requests.
                   AUCTIONS - Auctions of interest to revenue collectors.
                   REVENUE LIBRARY - New books announcements and review.
                   INVITED DISPLAYS - The revenue of the month.
                   EXHIBITIONS - Exhibitions in 2009.
                   REVENUES STUDY - Study of the month

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                   COMMISSION     - Bureau reports and National Delegates
                                         Bureau - Bureau members and short curriculum vitae.
                                         National delegates - List of National Delegates and contact details.
                                         Reports - The commission reports to the FIP, minutes etc.
                   NEWSLETTERS - The older archived issues are at the bottom.
                   MEETINGS - Forthcoming meetings and announcements.
                   EXHIBITING - Revenue exhibitors results from FIP, FEPA, FIAF and FIAP exhibitions.
                                         Timetable - Details of future shows that offer a revenue class.
                                         GREV - The FIP regulation.
                                         SREV revenue - The FIP SREV for revenue class.
                                         Guidelines & How to...- Information of interest to exhibitors, how to judge exhibits.
                                         Jurors - FIP Jurors for revenue class.
                   SOCIETIES - Societies and study groups of interest to revenue collectors.
                   LITERATURE - Books, catalogues, CD's and reviews
                                          Books - Books and book reviews.
                                          Articles- Articles from revenue collectors.
                   DISPLAYS - Revenue exhibitors gallery and instructions on how to add your exhibit.
                                          Presentations - Dedicated page PowerPoint presentation, underlying Revenues Seminars.
                                          Thematic & classes - Discussion of possible changes to the FIP Revenue Class, add your
                                                                              point of view!
                                          Links - Links and useful connections to other philatelic web pages.

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