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Dear fellow delegates of the FIP Revenue Commission,

Seems we all are happy that the lockdowns have mainly stopped, and I was happy to meet many of my friends in either London, Budapest or Lugano.
These last 2 years have caused many delays and obviously many of us spent a lot of time working on our exhibits and collections. Well some, like myself, got drawn under lots of pressure for our businesses. It took much more effort to cover and withstand the burden that the closure of retail business did for our kind of production. So, life has been different for most of us and hopefully will return to normal pretty soon. We have been happy to find a lot of new publications and we look forward to seeing the rebuilt exhibits in competition.

The revenue class developed marvellously and has grown in size. For example, in Bangkok 2018, we were the fourth biggest exhibition class at this FIP show. This holds promise for the future but still most countries have but a very small group of revenue exhibitors.

May I invite all of you, to give us a short report on your national activities, about how many active collections you are aware of and what you see as chances and/or problems for our kind of hobby?

For Germany I can report an active group of about 60 revenue collectors with 6 people having more than 10 exhibits on national or international level. About two publications are issued every year on revenue related material. However, the number of collectors buying revenues in the internet and on auction seems much, much higher seemingly in the hundreds. But many of them may only share interest in material for their historical value, and not always their revenue interest. So, prices are often driven by historic importance of a document, rather than by just the revenue stamp. Collectors in Germany suffer in that there is not enough material on the market, and we may have to build our collections by lucky chances, while we feel there is more constant supply for some other European countries. This is true for many other countries as well.

The FIP Revenue Commission Meeting in Jakarta

For the revenue commission we will have one critical item ahead of us – we need to get enough votes to pass our new guidelines – the draft of which you will find attached to this email. All discussions in the past have been entirely positive and we have never faced any objection, only overwhelming support, to allow the revenue class exhibits to have three potential approaches: 1. Traditional; 2. Fiscal History; and 3. Subject based approach. We found that this covered all our collecting habits, and the Revenue Salon in Essen 2019 did prove very helpful in illustrating these approaches. However, as is noted in Article 2.1 of the guidelines, these approaches are not restrictive. Other approaches are possible as well, including combinations of them. In future all exhibits will be displayed in an undivided Revenue Class, exactly as today.

The other proposed major change to the Revenue Class is to widen the definition of Revenue stamps with the inclusion of fee and credit stamps of private organisations, if they are relevant to the story being told.

However, when we have had our biggest commission meeting in Bangkok with more than 60 people in the room (with interest from others and even from the collectors’ side as visitors) we did not have enough delegates to approve them. The rules are simple, we need 25% of nominated delegates to vote. As we have 61 delegates, it means we need to have 16 votes at least.

Now it seems unlikely that 16 of us will be present in Jakarta. However, if you all surprise us with your attendance, I will promise the biggest revenuer party ever.

Most seriously, we need the help of all of you.

If you are not able to attend yourself, we will need you to give either a written Proxy (please use the form attached) and return it to Jukka and myself. But we must take care as each person attending can have only one Proxy, meaning they will have two votes as a Maximum. That is why we first need to know who is actually coming to Jakarta and will participate in the revenue commission meeting. It is most essential you tell us you are coming so that we can make sure somebody else is giving their Proxy to you.

Another big chance, and please use it, is to name another national delegate for your country and you will give them the official proxy, but also send notice of this to Jukka and me. That person could be any person from your federation, either any delegate of another class, the commissioner or whoever will represent your country in Jakarta FIP Congress. Please use this option. It would be great if we get much more than the 16 votes needed and of course hopefully everybody will support our ideas within the new guidelines.

Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions and are happy to discuss, but please also understand, that we may not have the chance for further alterations, as this would mean starting the process from the beginning. We will note any remarks/comments and will seek further improvements for the future.

[“Note that the Regulations (SREV) (pages 1-2) section is intact and unchanged. The Meeting will discuss and decide about the new Guidelines (pages 3-11) only. The Guidelines, as proposed, are the same as those voted on in Bangkok in 2018 for the first time. No changes have been made since 1 November 2018, when they were sent to all of our Delegates for the first time."]

We have attached the Commission meeting agenda to this mail as well.

We will also report, in Jakarta, on our plans to celebrate the 400th birthday of ‘philatelic’ material, the first revenue stamped paper from 1624 in the Netherlands – we will do our best to ensure this concept is spread in the entire philatelic world.

However, it is very important that all of you get back to us, tell us who will represent your nation in the meeting and please let us have the contact email, address and telephone number.

Hope we will grow together.

So now we are excited to hear from you and even more if we can meet again in person.

Best regards

Ralph Ebner

Chairman of the FIP Revenue Commission


Ralph Ebner, Chairman,

Jukka Mäkinen, Secretary,


Date August 8, 2022 (Monday)
Time 12.00 PM to 14.00 PM
Venue INDONESIA 2022 Specialized World Stamp Championship Exhibition

Agenda of the Meeting     [download here]
Report of the FIP Revenue Commission to the cancelled 2020 FIP Congress     [download here]
Revenue SREV and proposed new Guidelines 2018     [download here]
Two different Proxy forms in word format     [download here]     [download here]