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(Extracts from the unratified Minutes of the Meeting) Room 1, Exhibition Hall, Indonesia , Jakarta, 16.00 hrs 21 June 2012.

1. Welcome. The Chairman Francis Kiddle, welcomed, FIP Vice-President Surajit Gongvatana, National Delegates, observers and guests.

2. Apologies were received from: Francisc Ambrus (Romania) and Jukka Mäkinen (Finland.

3. Roll Call of Delegates. The following 15 FIP member nations were represented by their National Delegate or nominee for that delegate.
Argentina, Australia, China PR, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and the USA.

4. Chairman’s Report. Francis Kiddle summarised his Chairman’s Report, the full text of which is available on the Commission’s website (www.

5. Secretary’s Report. Dingle Smith summarised his Secretary’s report, the full text of which is available on the Commission’s web site.

6. Election of the New Bureau
The Chairman with the agreement of those present appointed Darryl Fuller (Australia) and Howard Green (South Africa) as the tellers.

A total of 22 voting slips were distributed: 15 to the National Delegates (or their nominees) who were present plus 7 proxies. The proxy votes were from Bulgaria (Denmark), Chile (Argentina) Finland (GB), Ireland (New Zealand), Italy (Germany), Spain (Peru), and Romania (Australia). The countries named in brackets held the proxies.

Two of the Bureau Posts, for the FEPA and FIAF, attracted two nominations. These were:
FEPA: Francisc Ambrus (Romania) and Michele Caso (Italy)
FIAF: Heinz Junge (Chile) and Ron Lesher (USA).

The successful candidates in the ballot were Francisc Ambrus (Romania) and Ron Lesher (USA).
All other Bureau positions had only a single nomination.

The New FIP Revenue Bureau is:

Chairman: Francis Kiddle (GB)
Secretary: Jukka Mäkinen (Finland)
Bureau Members:
FEPA: Francisc Ambrus (Romania)
FIAF: Ron Lesher (USA)
FIAP: Cedric Roche (South Africa)

The Chairman announced his intention to recommend to the FIP Board that the two additional appointments to the Bureau will be Ralph Ebner (Germany) and Vincent Ong (Singapore).

7. Future Activities
The key to the continued success of the Revenue Bureau was to improve communication among all member countries. In order to achieve this aim it is essential that National Delegates and other collectors and exhibitors of revenue material make full use of the Bureau’s website. For example, all National Delegates are asked to send in reports on all aspects of revenue collecting to the Francisc Ambrus, the web master. These could report on exhibits shown at national and regional shows, additions to the revenue literature, scans of exhibits, forthcoming events etc. It is also important that the data base of email and postal addresses of National Delegates is kept up to date.

A meeting organised by the Bureau will be held at Australia 2013, at the exhibition in Melbourne in May 2013. Further details of time and date wil be given on the Bureau’s website.

8. -There was no Other Business and the meeting closed at 17.15 hrs.

Dingle Smith
Outgoing Secretary
Message to All National Delegates FIP Revenue Commission

The Revenue Bureau organised a very successful meeting for all revenue collectors and exhibitors at London 2010. A short account of the meeting is given on our web site, The web site also reproduces the Power Point presentations for two of the talks.

Jukka Mäkinen (Finland): Analysis of the FIP Revenue Exhibits, 1988-2009
Vincent Ong (Singapore): The Evolution of the Chinese tax System.

It is hoped that similar meetings might be organised at other future major shows.

The details of the Revenue Commission meeting at Lisbon are given on the web site and reproduced here as an attachment. It is FIP practice to request reports from all National Delegates to Commissions and we would especially welcome such a report from you on revenue collecting and exhibiting in your country. I do ask if you please to provide such a report.

In the past we have received very few such reports and it would be a great help to the Commission if you could provide such a report prior to the meeting in Lisbon in October. The receipt of such reports, even if you are unable to attend the meeting, by middle of September 2010 would be welcome.

Items that could be included in such reports are:

• Revenue exhibits and exhibiting in your country at local (or State), National and International Level,

• Recent additions to the revenue literature for your country, either listings or research articles on specific topics

• The general interest in revenue collecting,

• Any other information!

Even short reports would be welcome! If there is only limited interest in your country please let us know!

We would be pleased to receive and note any such reports at Lisbon and, if you agree, to reproduce them on the Revenue Commission web site.
We would also welcome any other news for the web site, including request for information that you would like to see on the web site.
Even if you cannot produce a report, a reply to say that you have received this message would also be welcome.

Yours with all best wishes,

Dingle Smith

Secretary FIP Revenue Commission

1 July 2010

Replies to

Dear Bureau Member,

I apologise that you have not heard from me or from our new Chairman Francis Kiddle since the Congress at EFIRO in June. I am sure that Francis will circulate a welcome letter and an outline of the aims for the Revenue Bureau when he returns from his visit to the USA where he is Secretary at one of the National Shows.

The FIP Revenue Commission was held on 28 June and the following Bureau members were elected at that meeting.

Chairman:              Francis Kiddle (GB)     
Secretary              Dingle Smith (Australia) 
Member FEPA     Francisc Ambrus (Romania)
Member FIAF     Eugenio Berisso (Argentina)
Member FIAP     Cedric Roche (South Africa)

Following recent decision by FIP, each Bureau Chairman can appoint two additional members. The Revenue Chairman appointed one additional member at the meeting.

Additional Member Jukka Makinen (Finland)

I separately attach the Minutes of the EFIRO meeting (Attachment 1).

The meeting itself was well attended and Francisc Ambrus gave an excellent presentation on The First Revenue Issue of Romania 1856. All those present were presented with a copy of the catalogue Romanian Revenues and Cinderellas 1856-2006 by the author Mihai Cojocar. This is 450 page account which provides for the first time a well-illustrated and comprehensive account of all aspects the revenues of the host nation for EFIRO. We hope to present a review of the catalogue on the revenue web site. Details of the publication and much other information are given on Francisc Ambrus excellent web site, search Francisc Ambrus and follow the links.

Some of you have already contacted me to ask how you can assist to further the work of the Bureau. Below I list some of the things that would be most helpful at this stage.

The Website
The first aim of the Bureau is to establish its own web site. Francis has arranged for a site and the address will be although as yet it is not functioning. Francis has also arranged for a web master but we urgently need to gather basic information for the site.

There are several thins you can do to help
1. A photograph of yourself, head and shoulders of the style used in FIP Catalogues for judges and commissioners! This is best as a scan at 300 dpi. If this is not possible please send a colour photograph to my postal address.

2. A short account of your philatelic interest and background, a maximum of 100 words please! I will edit these into a consistent format and send back to you the final version for approval.

3. Your assistance with obtaining email addresses for all FIP Revenue Commission National Delegates. There are two attachments; one gives more detail on this task (Attachment 2) and the other the list of National Delegates updated after the EFIRO meeting (Attachment 3).

For some delegates it would help if you could contact other Bureau Delegates in your FIP region to arrange who could most easily chase up the missing email addresses. Any changes to be sent to me as Secretary.

4. Email addresses for other Revenue Collectors and Exhibitors. When the web site becomes available we would wish to make it available to as many revenue collectors and exhibitors as possible. Thus in addition to National Delegates we would welcome email contacts for others for whom you may have email addresses.

5. Other items that could be added to the web site. This could include news of new revenue publications, where to obtain and price. Reviews of literature already published for individual countries would be most welcome. We will also be interested in views of possible changes to the rules governing the Revenue Class. These were introduced in early 1990 and have remained unchanged.

Francis has already arranged for a web master but for now any contributions should be sent to me. Several FIP Bureaux already have web sites but one is outstanding for content and for up to date information – this is that for Postal Stationery available on I suggest that Bureau members view that site to see what we can achieve.

In 2007 and 2008 I edited Newsletters for the Revenue Commission; that for 2008 available before the EFIRO meeting can be viewed on The Revenue Society web site If any member requires a hard copy of this I would be pleased to email or post them a copy. When our web site is launched it will replace the hard copy Newsletter, although we will endeavour to send hard copy versions of the material on the web site to those who do not have internet access.

Dingle Smith
Archive Newsletter 2                 March 2008
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